Dogcom 120C 6S 4000mAh 22.2V LiPo Battery QS8

Discover the Dogcom brand and its high-quality and stable LiPo batteries.

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Dogcom 120C 6S 4000mAh 22.2V LiPo Battery QS8


  • High & stable quality
  • Higher energy density
  • Lower internal resistance
  • Longer life cycle
  • Additional protection is provided by a metal plate casing


  • Minimum Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Configuration: 22.2V / 6S1P / 6 Cells
  • Continuous Discharge Rate: 120C
  • Burst Discharge Rate: 260C
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 138mm
    • Width: 44mm
    • Height: 41mm
  • Weight: About 670g
  • Charge Plug: JST-XHR
  • Discharge Plug: QS8


  • 1x Dogcom 120C 6S 4000mAh 22.2V LiPo Battery QS8

Why Dogcom?

  • Dogcom LiPo battery passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, CE certification, UL certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, all products stand for testing from customers.
  • Dogcom uses world-class testing equipment and has a laboratory to carry out various tests for battery performance and material testing.
  • Dogcom has the most advanced manufacturing process of a high-rate LiPo battery, which can get an internal stability quality of a high-rate LiPo battery.
  • Dogcom has strict on-site management and improves the system to ensure the battery’s quality, providing customers with safe and reliable products.
  • Dogcom brand always insists on technique first and adapting to the market changes. Putting effort into providing users with international top products and services.
  • Dogcom has a LOCAL Australian distributor for service and warranty support.

This item is deemed to be a dangerous good (DG). It cannot be sent overseas.

Battery Safety

  • NEVER leave batteries charging while unattended.
  • Make certain that the voltage and current settings on the lithium polymer charger are appropriate for the battery pack being charged.
  • Lithium polymer needs to be CHARGED and STORED in a Lipo Sack or other fire-safe container.
  • Avoid charging batteries close to combustible materials or liquids.
  • Keep a dry fire extinguisher handy, or use a big bucket of dry sand, which is both affordable and efficient.
  • Keep away from children and pets at all times. Never discharge a cell below 3.5V because doing so could void the warranty and result in permanent damage.
  • If a battery is damaged or burnt, it could explode. Discard the battery responsibly immediately.
  • Never keep batteries plugged into a device.
  • Never leave batteries in the car.


The choice between QS8, AS150, and XT90 connectors largely depends on the type of application and the current handling requirements.

QS8 Connectors

  • High Current Handling: Designed for over 300A continuous, ideal for demanding applications.
  • Compact Size: QS8 connectors are compact despite their high current capacity.
  • Secure Connection: QS8 connectors offer a tight and secure fit, minimising accidental disconnections.
  • Low Resistance: Designed to reduce electrical resistance, ensuring minimal power loss and heat.
  • Ease of Soldering: QS8 construction simplifies soldering for pilot

AS150 Connectors

  • Anti-Spark Design: AS150’s anti-spark feature reduces sparking risks, especially for large batteries.
  • High Current Handling: AS150 handles high current loads, suitable for high-powered applications.

XT90 Connectors

  • Recognition: Widely used in RC applications.
  • Current Handling: Manages up to 90A continuous.
  • XT90S Variant: Offers an anti-spark feature, similar to AS150.

Why QS8 Over AS150 and XT90?

  • Balanced Design: QS8 balances compactness with high current handling.
  • Efficiency: QS8 ensures low resistance and efficient power delivery without needing anti-spark.
  • Secure Connection: QS8 connectors offer a tight and secure fit, minimising accidental disconnections.