Drone backpacks by pilots, for pilots.

Our Mission

With the help of friends and top drone pilots, our young international team finds solutions to everyday drone carrying problems. Our mission is to make your next flight better. Whether you are passionate about racing, taking awesome pictures, or simply want to have fun: we enrich your flying experience.

You always come first

We worked together with top drone pilots throughout all design stages of our products. Their feedback was crucial and incorporated almost in real time. Throughout this process, we always kept you, the pilot, in mind.

Experience & Attention to Detail

Torvol designers all have extensive experience designing and creating premium accessories for top brands globally. Today, we put all this expertise back into every product we make.

Top Quality

It is not only about packing. Torvol expertise protects your gear, and keeps it organised. We integrate flightstraps, a magnetcase to secure your small screws. Unzip the entire bag to create a PITSTOP area, a workstation for drone repairs. Make your next flight the best yet!


We are real people. Our products are highly adjustable, so you can adapt YOUR bag to YOUR preferences. Use your bag the way it makes the most sense and purpose to you. Give us feedback, send us pictures, shoot your ideas: we are listening!

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